The grand curtailing of year-long sports and games at Delight Foundation on the Delight Sports Day 2023: Who will claim the prestigious Delight Trophy?

Dear Delight Fam,

Delight Foundation is all set for the grand finale of this year’s sports event- The Delight Sports Day 2023. We are thrilled to disclose that the much-anticipated event will be happening on 23rd December. After months of hard work, dedication, and friendly competition, it’s time to watch the most deserving team emerge victorious and claim the prestigious trophy.

As the teams are preparing for the ultimate showdown, it’s safe to say, the anticipation is reaching new heights, keeping everyone at the company buzzing with excitement. From strategic board games to pounding races, every event has helped to bring out the best in the participants. More than just a series of sports and games events, Delight Sports has become a source of joy and entertainment for everyone involved.

The friendly yet fierce competition has further concreted the fact that more than winning the titles or getting to hold the trophies, everyone involved in the event had moments of joy, laughter and shared memories to cherish for years to come. As we approach the grand finale, Delight Sports Day, 2023, let’s celebrate the teamwork, dedication, and camaraderie that defines, and enhances the overall work culture at the Delight companies and among the employees.

All the good luck to the participants, and may the best and most spirited team emerge victorious and claim the prestigious Delight Trophy.

Wishes and Regards,
Team Delight.

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