Subject: Important Update: Delays in Packing & Deliveries Due to Heavy Rains in UAE

To Our Esteemed Partners and Clients,

In view of the recent intense rains and flooding in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Delight International Movers is writing to alert you of the possible delays in packing and deliveries. In addition to considerably affecting air freight clearance, these extreme weather conditions have resulted in aircraft cancellations and runway closures.

Effect on Packing & Delivery:

Delays in Packings & Unpacking: Due to the uncertain rain conditions, our team is experiencing delays with respect to scheduling and executing jobs across the UAE.

Air Freight Clearance Delays: Flooding and disruptions at airports in the UAE may cause delays in clearing incoming and outgoing air shipments.

Flight Cancellations and Runway Closures: Cancelled flights and closed runways will likely lead to delays in deliveries originating from or destined for the UAE.

Our team is closely monitoring the situation and working diligently in the UAE to minimize any disruption to your shipments due to the on-going situation. We will prioritize the safety of our personnel and ensure all packings, unpacking and cargo is handled with the utmost care.

We will keep you updated on any significant developments and estimated delays affecting your specific shipments.  Our customer service team is available to answer any questions you may have. Please do not hesitate to contact your Relocation Consultant for any urgent update on your shipment.

We appreciate your understanding and continued cooperation during these challenging circumstances.


The Delight International Movers Team

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