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Your dream move to the USA is ours too.

Be it moving to the busiest of streets or uninhabited parts of the US, Delight International Movers can get things done in a flash. We have our teams and partner networks placed in several states in such a way that we can cover your moving requirements to any corner of the USA.

Our moving team makes the procedures related to packing, handling, insurance and partner movers involved in the whole relocation process clear prior to the costing phase.

Our US relocation handling team choose appropriate packaging materials based on the durability of goods and mode of transit. From corrugated boxes to bubble wraps, the materials we use are of top quality ensuring 100% safety of your belongings.

We have fleets for both commercial and residential relocations. Complementing our international moving services to the US is our storage and warehousing solutions which can take care of your goods for any specific time, after the move.

Moving to the USA from Dubai? Do not let the process take a toll on you when you have the best relocation companies in UAE to assist you.

Moving is a huge step. Whether it's for an individual or a family, the entire moving process can be emotional as well as tedious. It comes with comprehensive planning, mulling over details such as packing, conveyance, documentation, and so on. Nevertheless, you hardly have the time to go through it given the massive burden of moving to the USA from Dubai, let alone the enormous amount of paperwork that involves the procedure.

With years of experience in the moving industry, Delight International Movers understands your necessities when you are moving to the USA from Dubai. And we have developed meticulous solutions for moving and storage to cater to all your moving requirements.

The experienced and well-trained staff at Delight International Movers are capable of providing optimal services and solutions right from the beginning to the end of the moving process with exemplary precision.

Why should you hire us when you are moving to the USA from UAE?.

It is overwhelming to take care of the multitude of tasks in association with the move all by yourself. As a professional moving company in the UAE, Delight International Movers help you transform your moving dreams into reality. Our team of experts helps you in every step of your move as well as provides you with the best assistance right from choosing appropriate high-quality packing materials to dutifully delivering them to their destinations.

Being an established and one of the best international movers, we can help you steer clear through the rapidly changing immigration laws and complex governmental ordinances. We execute every little detail of your moving process with perfection so that you have a stress-free and smooth moving experience

Have to ship cargo to the USA from UAE? Make the shipping easier with Delight International Movers.

Shipping is a complex process. Getting them to move smoothly and effectively takes thorough planning and enactment. To ship your cargo to the USA from Dubai, Delight International Movers provide end-to-end support including packing, pickups, delivery, shipping oversized cargo, and so on.

No matter if you have regular household items or temperature-controlled items to be shipped, We can ship products from nearly all industries including pharmaceuticals, and machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions - International Moving to the USA from UAE.

How can I book a relocation with Your company when I am moving to the USA from Dubai?.

Visit to get a free quote and make the booking.

What should I expect from the move coordinator during the pre-move survey?.

Your move coordinator will be able to give you an idea about the move including packing, transit, insurance, storage, documentation, and so on. Also, you can choose different shipping options based on the volume and nature of your belongings. In addition, an overview of the paperwork and documents that you need to submit will also be discussed.

Do you provide an in-house estimate? .

Yes, we do perform a pre-move survey before the move. It is the best way to accurately determine the size of your belongings, calculate move estimates, means of shipping, etc

Do you have an office in Dubai?.

Yes, we have offices in Dubai, Qatar, and Abu Dhabi.

Is Delight International Movers licensed to perform international moves?.

Yes, we are a fully licensed and insured international moving company.

Which is the best international relocation company in Dubai when moving to the USA from UAE? .

Whether you are moving to the USA from Dubai, have shipping from the USA to UAE, or have to ship cargo to the USA from Dubai, or shipping a car from Dubai to the USA, or vice versa, your first concern should be bestowing the responsible job to a reliable international relocation company. Delight International Movers have been in the moving industry for more than a decade. Also, we are FAIM accredited and attained the highest position among other relocation companies in Dubai.

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