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Delight International Movers - Business Warehouse Solutions

Store and retrieve like you own the warehouse.

Moving to a new home or getting your office space cleared? Forget the woes in finding a perfect self-storage unit or warehouse as Delight International Movers can take care of it.

Customers can walk in directly to visit the warehouse or storage facility. We have advisors to help you out in getting the right storage liability cover insurance. With Delight International Movers, you get a 360-degree flexibility in clearing and adding new goods.

We provide highly secured self-storage services for goods which you access more regularly. In terms of retrieval, we use RFIDs and bin location tracking to retrieve your product in a flash. Furniture storage, heavy machinery storage, car storage and temperature controlled storage are some of the commercial storage services we offer.

Delight International Movers have warehouses are monitored round the clock by CCTV surveillance cameras which immunizes your belongings from theft and trespassers.

Delightful Relocation Guaranteed

We move Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.
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