Residential Moving

Delight International Movers - Storage / Warehousing Facilities

Storage solutions that keep your belongings safe on and off the move.

Delight International Movers has its own line of warehouses and storage services which enables it to store household goods for short or long periods. By default, our clients will be eligible to avail two weeks of free storage when it comes to international home relocation.

We have a wide variety of storage areas that differ with various attributes like capacity, shape, temperature and more. You can get to see the storage units or already occupied storages before you decide to partner with Delight International Movers for your storage requirement.

We can cater to varied preferences like indoor, outdoor, temperature controlled, sheltered, self-storage and more. Adding more to your existing space or retrieving goods partially can be done anytime.

Delightful Relocation Guaranteed

We move Anything, Anywhere, Anytime.
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