How do UAE Residents Prove Their Residency without Visa Stamping? Here is Everything you Need to Know!

How do UAE residents prove their residency without Visa stamping? Here is everything you need to know!

The UAE residents’ Emirates ID has officially replaced the traditional sticker stamping on passports. From the 11th of April, residency applications are merged and the applicants do not have to go through separate processes for stamping Visa and Emirates ID by leaving the passport at the immigration office.

The major concerns were about whether Emirates ID contained all the necessary details about the residents and if the same could be used as proof of residents in public and private sectors.  According to a circular published by the Federal Authority for Identity, the new Emirates IDs published comprise all the details that are available on the residence Visa sticker as well.

Based on the new policy, when the residents travel out of the country, the airlines and immigration officials would be able to assess their residency through their Emirates ID and passport number.

Previously,  the Residence IDs were issued to applicants who were 18 or above. And they had to undergo a medical test to verify that they are physically fit. Once the medical and security checks are done, they must apply for their Emirates ID. After these procedures, the residence Visa sticker is stamped on the applicant’s passport.

The new protocol cut down the last step of the Visa stamping. And the residents of UAE welcome this change by the government wholeheartedly since this makes the whole procedure easy and less time-consuming.

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