Travelers to Qatar need pre-registration

As the Covid 19 pandemic is still alive, the travel regulations have been amended by every nation. Recently, Qatar has enforced a rule of pre-registration before arrival in the country via land, air or water. The travel return policy came into effect on 12th of July 2020 as indispensable registration for all travelers and is updated on 13th of July 2020 as optional registration. The Ministry of Public Health declared that pre-registration is optional for citizens and residents while registration and acquiring prior approval is mandatory for visitors. The registration and status of approval can be confirmed on the in “Etheraz” website ( Travelers have to create an account and provide applicable personal and health information and apply through the platform 12 to 72 hours prior to the arrival time. The documents to be provided for vaccinated as well as non-vaccinated travelers can be confirmed on the Etheraz website. The vaccinated travelers have to provide the vaccination certificate as the non-vaccinated tavelers have to provide the mandatory hotel quarantine reservation details.

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