Mid day break in effective till September 15, 2021

Our employees make our organization desirable. We respect them. They administer our organization and are the ablest asset for us. The heat waves are hitting all over the world and it is also taking a toll on us too. There are relentless chances of fatalities. As we put forth our employee’s safety as the most important factor, abiding the Government rules, Delight International Movers have implemented the heat break effective till September 15, 2021. Every employee will not work from 12.30pm to 3.00 pm. Any job done during that period is considered as a contravention of laws and will be fined up to 50,000 DHS. Any employee who works more than 8 hours will be considered for overtime and will be paid extra in accordance with the provisions of the law. All the employer working itineraries will be exhibited on the work site in language understood by the labor in addition to Arabic. We are content to provide all the safety equipment at the work site and have taken safety precautions. We, Delight International Movers would prefer to make this secure for everyone around us.

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