Lack of HGV drivers cause haulage issues in UK

The haulage process is experiencing a crisis right after Brexit and amidst pandemic in the United Kingdom. Starting in 2020, the entire European continent was facing a shortage of HGV drivers. However, the UK was the hardest hit.  A shortage of haulage workers was also a result of the pandemic, but Brexit complicated matters further. BBC reports an overall shortage of 75,000 drivers, putting a huge strain on the industry around the globe. Since the change in immigration laws after Brexit meant that most EU citizens driving HGVs in the UK had to return to their countries or work in another country or never return. Also, the tax situation in the UK is cited as a reason for drivers to choose other countries. The majority of shipping companies cannot unload all their cargo in all of Liverpool and other ports, even though new ones have opened in the area. In Northern Ireland, the situation is most manageable. For the run-up to Christmas, the UK government plans to provide temporary visas to 5,000 fuel tankers and food lorry drivers. According to the sources, those who require haulage services in the UK need to plan ahead at least 10-12 days beforehand.

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