Dubai Expo 2020 ready to kick start

Since the pandemic brought the world to a halt, countries are trying to recover to their natural state. Expo 2020, which was expected to start in mid-2020, is ready to take place in Dubai. Expos take place every five years, with pavilions featuring the latest in architecture and technology. During the course of the six-month international fair, organizers predicted 25 million visitors before the pandemic forced the event to be postponed. It will now run from October 1 to March 31, 2022. In order to begin that process, Dubai has resumed the tourist visa process. Dubai Expo is described as the biggest event to take place in the Arab world. Taking place amid one of the most severe recessions in 50 years, the showpiece event is particularly meaningful to the UAE. In addition to attracting tourists in large numbers, the World Expo is expected to accelerate economic recovery. Since the UAE won the bid to host the international fair in 2013, billions of dollars have been invested in the project. Delight movers are always ready to help you with our professional team to keep you up with pace of Dubai Expo.

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