Delight International Movers is Prospering in all Possible Ways!! A Hearty Welcome to the Dynamic and Talented Namita Sharma.

A hearty welcome to the dynamic and talented Namita Sharma.

Delight International Movers is excited to announce the addition to the team, the incredibly talented Namita Sharma. She has come aboard to fill the position of Global Networks and Partnership Manager. Namita works closely with Mr. Shankar Ram and directly reports to Mr. Zulfiker Hasis, the Director.

Namita has been a part of the networking industry for the past 11 years and has worked with prominent companies. Aside from exceeding expectations in the performance of her duties, Namita showed her team spirit by simultaneously working towards her goals and helping others improve their work output. Delight International Movers is elated to have a great employee who strives to achieve the impossible.

As Global Networks and Partnership Manager, Namita’s responsibilities will include creating a systematic approach to partner outreach and relationship management, researching partners, identifying key players and generating interest, keeping a great ongoing relationship with current partners, and offering new ways to grow the partnership, and so on.

With a pool of talents and an immense skill set, Namita will surely be an asset to our company. Moreover, our team will continue to innovate and explore new territories with flying colours.

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