Delight Foundation sets fine examples of fostering community and building a sense of purpose among the employees!

here has been a lot going on in the Delight Group lately. And we are here to share with you some exciting updates regarding the recent events and activities within our organization.

A day to be celebrated and a day to be remembered: Recap of Women’s Day celebration at the Delight family

Gender equality is still an ongoing battle in the society we live in. So it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions of women in the workforce. This year, our company made a notable effort to celebrate International Women’s Day. Even though they were surprised and treated with beautiful and memorable gifts, we made sure to create an impact by organizing an event that goes beyond the typical flowers and gifting traditions.

The celebration mainly focused on recognising the efforts and hard work of our female employees and encouraging them to achieve their goals. Also, it was a great opportunity to highlight the achievements of women in various departments and roles.

The importance of gender equality, the role of women in the workplace, and empowering and providing the best opportunities for women were also emphasised during the celebration. It was truly an honour to see our employees’ joy as they felt acknowledged and valued for their contributions to the company.

Delight Games has become the talk of the town!

In the spirit of friendly competition and teamwork, the Delight Foundation has organized a series of games for our employees. In the past few weeks, the four teams, the Panthers, Eagles, Wolves, and Dragons, have been battling it out on the court for various games. As of now, football, basketball, and volleyball have been played, and the Dragons, Wolves, and Panthers have become the champions, respectively

These events have brought together employees from different departments, and it has definitely allowed everyone to bond over the games. We have several other games lined up in the coming weeks, and we are sure everyone is eagerly waiting for them! Also, we are taking this opportunity to thank all the participants and everyone involved for making these events a huge success. For more details and updates, feel free to contact us.

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