2022 FIDI Conference


The 2022 FIDI Conference was held in Cannes, France from April 10 to 13. It was a remarkable opportunity for all the FIDI affiliates to meet and connect with other FIDI professionals from all over the world. More than 400 delegates from around 50 countries attended the conference.

And it definitely has marked the inception of new business opportunities and collaborations for everyone. 

FIDI’s motto is to promote a high standard of services in every relocation and move. To assist its affiliated companies, FIDI has developed a series of tools and guidelines and this helps to set a high bar in the industry of moving by providing the best services.

Being a member of the FIDI Global Alliance has helped us to accentuate our international moving services, attract new and high profile customers, expand the horizon of the services, national and international level of acknowledgement, etc.

The 2022 FIDI Conference has become the platform for all the affiliates to come together and discover the latest trends and techniques in the business. It was a great honour and privilege for us to be a part of this massive global event and to get associated with veterans in the industry. 

The conference was an event for networking, social events, meeting up with colleagues, friends and partners, etc. Big business sessions, panel discussions, team building sessions, and workshops were also conducted. It helped the attendees to gather information about the relevant and sensational topics of the moving industry and to implement them in the best ways possible.

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